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Ways to Stay Focused this Winter

Ivy describes some tactics she uses to stay on track when the Winter Blues hit hard

Keeping on track during the winter months can be difficult for some students, whether it’s getting their work in on time, or remembering to study for tests and quizzes. There are a lot of students who struggle to keep up with school work. Something that can be especially hard is to stay focused during the winter. It’s easy to get tempted to go on your phone, or to fall asleep in class. Here are some ways to help stay focused during the winter months and to keep your grades up.

Manage your time. Remember not to leave all of your assignments to do the day before they’re due. This could easily cause your grades to drop. Try to spread out all of your assignments, that way you have as much time as you need to complete them.

Write things down. Writing things down, such as tests and the due dates of assignments or homework will make everything easier and help you stay organized. This will also help you manage your time better.

Find the right workspace. This can be hard for some students, who might live with a lot of other people, but it’s important to find a comfortable place to do homework, where you can be alone and without distractions.

Try to have a consistent schedule. Try to find a daily routine that you know you can stick to. If you stick to a good schedule, you’ll have better habits for school.

Remember to take breaks! While school is very important, it is also important to take care of yourself. Whenever you feel like you have been studying for a long period of time, don’t be afraid to take breaks and reward yourself.

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