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We might not talk about Bruno, but we will talk about the success of Disney's "Encanto."

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Upon the release of the new Disney movie, Encanto, people from all over have not been able to stop obsessing over it. Encanto has quickly become a fan favorite with its addicting soundtrack and its relatable characters. Not to mention the representation of Colombian culture that it is based upon.

Encanto focuses on the Madrigal family, specifically Mirabel. A giftless fifteen-year-old girl in a family full of gifted people, these gifts originating from the power within a magical candle that was bestowed upon the family and started the creation of their Encanto many years ago. Mirabel feels as though isolated away from her family because she had never gotten a gift, as even her younger cousin, Antonio, who came after her had received one.

Mirabel and the Madrigal family go about their daily duties within the Casita, the name of their magical house, helping the villagers with their gifts as they are introduced in the song “The Family Madrigal,” sung by Mirabel. It’s the day of Antonio’s gift ceremony, and everyone is rushing to make it perfect as the last one to happen was Mirabel’s. During the festivities and after Mirabel’s song “Waiting on a Miracle,” the house begins to crack and crumble around them, along with the candle’s flame fluttering, as it had never done so before. But when Mirabel goes to tell everyone, the house is fine. As the movie progresses, Mirabel decides to investigate the loss in magic and what the reason for her family’s gifts to stop working.

The movie focuses on the Madrigal family and the generational trauma revolving around them. Encanto is very well made and obviously a must watch movie, and even more so just how relatable this movie is to its designated audience.

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