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Wednesday Ice Skater, Kamila Valieva

Alyaa shares the controversial "Wednesday" Ice Dance.

The Figure Skater who danced to the “Wednesday” dance... Kamila Valieve got a little bit of hate for the The Court of Arbitration for Sport filed a case reviewing it. The action took place in Russian Figure Skate championships in 2023.

According to The Today Show, “Olympic Games take place every four years, and if she would miss the competition at this Games, the damage could not be repaired.”

The case might damage her future career and hold Kamila Valieve accountable but if the case has been resolved hopefully it would not have any damage.Valieva consolidating Wednesday’s move into her enchanting execution appears not as it were how prevalent the minute-long scene has ended up but too that the choreography was great.

Breakout star Jenna Ortega herself choreographed Wednesday’s move. In spite of the fact that she has freely expressed that she considers the scene makes it self-evident she isn’t a artist, the arrangement nails the ghoulish charm of Wednesday. At first, plans were to have a streak horde, but the choice to stay with a solo move paid off as Wednesday’s identity shone through within the most unforeseen way.

Part of Valieva’s attorney’s contention in her defense was that the prohibited sedate entered her body inadvertently and likely had a place to her granddad, as he takes trimetazidine, agreeing to Russian site The File Center, USA Nowadays reported.By that point, she had as of now astounded fans with the quadruple bounce she did twice on the ice. But the doping discussion clouded the moment half of the personal occasion, where, in her free skate, Valieva made a number of strange botches, slipping and falling all over the ice, and finished in fourth place.

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Marc Esser
Marc Esser
Feb 14, 2023

WOW, this was very interesting to read. Good Job!

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