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What Is Happening With The DCEU?

Brendan predicts the future for the DCEU, including Black Adam, The Flash, and more!

After many promises from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to revive the DC universe starting with his newest movie “Black Adam” things are seemingly already falling apart. The largest thing in the movie that DC fans were excited for was the return of Henry Cavill as Superman. This was supposed to be the beginning of the future movies for this franchise. However, just two months after his return in the ending cutscene in the Black Adam film, he was released as Superman.

In his first debut as Superman in 2013, “Man of Steel” Henry Cavill has been one of the biggest icons for the DC franchise among other actors. With actors such as Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Ray Fisher, Ezra Miller, and Jason Momoa. Only a few of these actors are still confirmed to be in the franchise while others are being ruled out. New faces have appeared recently such as Robert Pattinson as Batman. With this being said, how does this franchise continue? Or does it collapse..?

With so much Hype built around the future for the franchise and the DCEU, it's already looking grim. Even without the Henry Cavill situation, there are many issues going on that need to be addressed. For example, The movie “The Flash” set to release in 2023 stars actor Ezra Miller, who has been in several controversies leading all the way back to 2011. One of his more violent and dangerous outbursts in 2020, him choking a woman outside of a bar leading to him getting escorted out. Then again in January 2022, He delivered a cryptic message to the Ku Klux Klan. Then just two months later in March, Ezra Miller is charged with disorderly conduct and harassment. Then the month after Ezra Miller is arrested on a second-degree assault charge. The list for just this year continues on and on such as grooming, Burglary, etc. Which leads to a lot of eyebrows raised for the fans and even the non fans. With this being said, why is he able to maintain his status as The Flash, but meanwhile Henry Cavill is released from his job?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has yet to make a statement on this. After several social media posts talking about the future of the DCEU and the return of Henry Cavill, it would be safe to assume The Rock would have a statement on this, but so far appears to be silent. What was the reason for Henry Cavill’s release? And why do actors with such shady and scary backgrounds get to stay? All these questions are left unanswered as DC fans wonder what will happen next.


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