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What to get mom for Christmas

As the Christmas season is fully underway and the 25th is fast approaching, everyone is scrambling to do their last-minute Christmas shopping. Suppose this year you need to find a gift for your mother. What do you get her? Clothes are out of the question in fear of getting the wrong size and everything going wrong, so what do you get for the woman that you assume has everything?

First, think of what your mother enjoys. From books to movies, pick a hobby that you know that your mother would enjoy.

Second, does she like fuzzy warm things? Blankets and warm slippers are something a mother would always enjoy. Throw in a new mug if she also enjoys coffee or tea while wrapped in a new blanket.

If you really don’t know what to get your own mother for the holidays, it never hurts to just give her a card with a sweet saying and $20-$50. She knows herself the best.

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