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Winter Band Concert Review

Into the first month of our New Year and many events are underway, one main event in Franklin High School is the annual winter Band Concert. An evening event showcasing the three different band opportunities within the school, which are the Freshman Band, the Symphonic Band, and the Wind Ensemble. Each with their own incredible strengths and ranging talent, all were directed under Mr. Dan Berz and Mr. Eric Diaz.

Each Band has a selection of three songs, as they all express their talents and growth from the beginning of the year. Freshman Band went over different multicultural songs showcasing songs and rhythms from other countries. Symphonic Band, a level above Freshman Band, played a piece by the name of “Comets in the Winter Sky,” which used different percussion instruments and different combinations of melodies to give a wintry feeling mixing both gentle and dangerous feelings into one. Finally, the Wind Ensemble came to the stage with of different music. One being “Ghost Apparatus,” which was a piece made up of short sporadic notes at first, and progressed into a dark melody and aleatoric parts to give off an unsettling and uneasy theme overall.

Before the night ended and the wind ensemble played their last piece, Mr. Berz gave his thanks to the administrators, the superintendent, the head of the music department, the band parents, and to his own students for an extremely successful night. With that, the night ended once the Wind Ensemble finished another successful band concert as they start preparing for the Spring concert.

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