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Deadly Flooding Across Libya causes devastation and loss

Alyaa reports of the devastating flooding in Libya

Storm Daniel killed 10,000+ in Libya. The Libyan Red Crescent said Friday that at least 11,300 people have died and another 10,100 were reported missing. On September 16, 2023, Climate change was one of the main factors that led to the catastrophic flooding in Libya Due to heavy rains triggered deadly flooding across eastern Libya earlier this month.


The Health Minister of Libya, Othman Abdul-Jalil, said to the local news that he believes around 10,000 people might die. He asked for help for the city of Derna. Tamer Ramadan, who represents Libya’s Red Crescent Societies, said in an online meeting with reporters that around 10,000 people are currently unaccounted for. In addition, he stated that there has been a considerable loss of lives, with the expectation of the death count rising to several thousand in the coming days. This information was reported by the Associated Press. He said that Libya is in a very bad situation, similar to what happened in Morocco. He mentioned the earthquake in Morocco that took place on Friday night and resulted in the death of more than 2,800 individuals.

The president of Egypt, Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, said that he had gathered military leaders to help the people affected by the disaster. They will give different kinds of assistance like supplies, tools for rescue, and places to stay for those who need it.The fatalities caused by Hurricane Daniel reached 4,255 individuals by the conclusion of September 2023, with an additional 40,018 people being compelled to evacuate their homes.Around 17,000 of those affected are children. Around 8,548 to 10,000 people are still missing or cannot be found.

While some electricity services have been brought back, the government is seeking help from other countries to regain access to clean and safe drinking water. In the past 10 days, it has become easier for humanitarian workers to provide help to people in need. However, there are still urgent needs for healthcare, food, water, and shelter. Certain groups like children and displaced individuals need extra support.

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