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Do FHS Students Miss Online School?

Brendan Stephens asks FHS Students their platform preferences on online vs. in person learning.

Since returning to school in 2021 after the drastic change of 2020, the school experience has been very different. Students relieved a small sample of virtual learning in January 2022 during the 2 week quarantine as well. This leaves the question, which do students prefer? Virtual, or in person learning?

In a survey conducted in 2021, it was found that almost three quarters (73%) of students would like to do their classes online/virtual. However, the number of teachers who felt this way was about half of the staff (52%). In this survey, 1,469 and 1,286 teachers were surveyed. Students were also asked if they would be willing to do an on and off style learning, and 68% of them said they would be okay with it. While on the teachers side, only slightly more teachers agreed to it and came to 57%.

It would seem based on this information that students do prefer to be virtual rather than in person. But if that is the case, then why? In the study, the 73% of students were asked what their preferences were.

With these results, we can begin to see some of the reasons why students prefer the virtual learning formant. We can see there are four things that students agree on, but the question is why? What makes virtual better than in person learning? In an environment where students are most comfortable, or can get an extra hour of sleep. Virtual also provides more technology which can really help struggling students.

In conclusion, we can confirm that students do prefer online learning. Based on the results of this poll, maybe students at FHS could also do a survey based on which type of environment they prefer. Perhaps in the future we can use those results to better our school and implement the best possible learning experience for the students at FHS.

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