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FHS Band Concert 2023

This year, our FHS Band performed their annual winter concert on Wednesday, January 11th. This concert was performed in our auditorium, and viewers arrived around 7:00 pm. Many people came out to support our fellow band members!

Currently, Franklin High School has three different bands. The 9th-grade band, the symphonic band, and the wind ensemble. Each band performs three pieces. The 9th-grade band performed Welcome March, Fortune Teller's Daughter, and, Sweet Like that. The Symphonic Band performed Normal March, Three Brazilian Folk Songs, and, Sunchaser. Finally, our Wind Ensemble performed Interruption Overture, Shenandoah, and Escape From Chronopolis.

Mr. Berz, the band director, would like to mention that the Franklin Township District Band Concert was also held on Wednesday, January 18th at 7:30 pm at Franklin High School. The FHS Winter Guard and Bands from every school in the district were represented in this performance. The evening culminates in a mass band performance with every elementary, middle, and high school band performing together. Many people came to support their fellow schools and students. In fact, so many people came that they ran out of seats.

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