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Gromek develops FHS Jewelry and Metal Working Class

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Kulsum has interviewed FHS Jewelry and Metal Working Class teacher, Ms. Gromek about developing this interesting new program.

Mrs. Gromek, previously known as Ms. Maxwell, has been teaching jewelry and Metalworking since 2020. She originally started at FHS covering for Arts Honors and Film Survey. Along the road, her specialty with drawing and painting turned into teaching ceramics and now Jewelry and Metalworking.

Mrs. Gromek knew the class would be popular but she never expected it to gain the popularity it has today. Right before the pandemic, she was approached by her admin and was asked if she might be interested in teaching the class. They thought it would be beneficial for the students.

This was an opportunity for students to be creative while developing a life skill. This opportunity was similar to the ones given by woodshop or fashion design. She wanted to teach the class so that she could provide an outlet for the students to work with their hands. Mrs. Gromek said, “Something to help them in life. Beyond the idea of ‘Arts and Crafts’ which is seen negatively.” She sees metalworking as a life skill, and it can be important for students who don't want to go to college to develop a skill or trade.

"Art is what drove me to go to school each day, and I wanted to provide that same motivation for my students" says Mrs. Gromek.

Personally, I remember taking her beginners ceramics class in my freshman year and being eager to take jewelry.

This September, Jewelry And Metalworking III classes began and this spring a handful of students will be partaking in an independent study. The program’s success can be owed to her dedication to student's experience, because of that is the way art was for her in highschool.

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