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New Exclusive Playstation 5 Game: Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Samaira reviews Spider Man 2

The studio, Insomniac Games, developed a new game which is called Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. In the game, Peter Parker and Miles Morales will work together in this game that is being released on October 20, 2023. The Symbiote, Venom, as far as we know will be set to appear in the game. There is no telling if Venom is going to work together with the Spidey Duo or if he’s going to join the main threat in the game, Kraven the Hunter.


Kraven the Hunter who is going to be the main villain, has a cool character style and build to suggest he is one to take seriously in a fight. The Lizard, Dr. Curt Connors, will be another villain set to appear in the game alongside with Wraith, Black Cat, The Prowler, who is revealed to be Miles Morales’ uncle in “Into The Spider Verse” movie, and many other foes of Spider-Man who the player is set to encounter in the game and it may lead into a fight of some kind. The player will be fighting to take down countless enemies and villains, along with that they will follow the story mode of the game where you are going to see how the story will impact the game.

From one source, a Canadian video game journalist and The Game Awards host, Geoff Keighley, offered his high praise to the game. Keighley even called Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, “the best superhero video game of all time.” Based upon the success of the trailer and preview, gamers can anticipate that the game will have major success. Fans have theorized on what is going to happen and if some characters will die in the game. The game looks amazing with the graphics and audio is spectacular. Fans have also played the preview that was released and based on their reactions, I gathered that they are in love with the game.

Based on the reactions from fans, it seems like this game will have a lot of success once it fully releases on October 20, 2023. When fans purchase the game, it will be a Playstation 5 exclusive game which is a little disappointing to fans who have not got the Playstation 5. This will motivate them to buy it which is a good marketing strategy for Playstation.

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