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Swifties are Eager For Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour movie October 13, 2023

Onassis shares insights about Taylor Swift's Eras Tour Movie

Taylor fans worldwide have been on the edge of their seats waiting for the October thirteenth release of her Era’s tour movie. Many have already purchased their tickets via her website or local movie theaters website.

PHOTO CRED: Rolling Stone

Taylor’s U.S tour ended not too long ago in the beginning of August. Taylor has said to want all her fans to experience the Eras Tour and she is living up to those exact words releasing this movie. Many who weren’t able to afford tickets are jumping at the chance to go to the movies on the release date. Much like live versions of concert fans are taking the chance to dress up as their favorite eras of the artist.

Many are also making friendship bracelets to trade or give away to others attending the movie. The friendship bracelets originated from the song “Your on Your Own Kid” where Taylor quotes “ So make the friendship bracelets” of her recent album Midnights. Fans have taken this lyric seriously and taken inside jokes in Taylors career, the albums, songs, nicknames, and sayings only the swifties would comprehend and put them on bracelets.

The artist’s three-hour movie documentary is also set to make historic numbers in the box office opening weekend.

Long time fan of Taylor swift, Rafelina Rodriquez, what she’s most excited about attending this movie. She states, “Definitely to Sing my heart out to my favorite songs and wear matching shirts with my friend who’s also a huge Taylor fan.”

Many have already saved the date and will be taking their chance to see it at the movies as many times as possible. Once again Taylor has taken the chance to try to cater to all her fans as much as possible as a “thank you” in return for always continuing to support her.

Get tickets at Fandango or a local movie theater, and don’t miss out!

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