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Thanks for what? Giving to who?

Is it time to replace your Halloween pumpkin spice candles with the Glade TOASTY pumpkin spice candles yet?

To even ridicule the issue and state both scents is above me, is futile- my room literally smells like a walking fragrance store that understands my problems and talks sweet to me. Anyway, remember to get a new candle for this new toasty month- November.

The biggest problem with November is of course, Thanksgiving. Celebrating a holiday with your loved ones is an unfortunate way of spending your two and a half day fall break as a highschooler.

Annually, you sit around at a relative’s house and see your least favorite family members first. You wonder why you decided to even pop out with the drip at Auntie’s crib.Your butt is sore from sitting on the host family’s laminated couch while waiting for the food to come, just later get the -Itis and wake up at one in the afternoon on the 29th- the day after thanksgiving. If your mom or dad’s the host and a sink of dishes is ahead of you, then you don’t get the privilege to sleep through the -Itis.

If you find your head nodding at this rant as a form of agreeing, then perhaps you understand Thanksgiving should and can be the opposite of such negative routine emotions.

I admit this was my point of view at Thanksgiving dinner throughout the years, mostly since its seen as un-cool. Only to later realize that many are not as fortunate as I am, who have a family who enjoys celebrating it and who I can share the holiday with. The unexpected has occured, and over the years, a strong realization of why Thanksgiving can be an gateway to happiness was experienced by mua.

Thanksgiving is sometimes spent without truly understanding the meaning of the holiday. Unlike New Years, where the majority of people are optimistic going into the new year, and those vibes are shared among each other, the morality of Thanksgiving is solomn: to be thankful for what you have and those who you spend it with.

Yeah, you post on your preferable social media platform and tag those you’re annually thankful for but are you actually thankful? Or thankful enough?

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