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These October Rib Ticklers are sure to have you rolling over in your grave

If anybody felt to sad around the spooky month of October, which should never happen, here are some gut busters, rib tickler, killer jokes that will make you die of laughter...

Q did you hear about a zombie that won a beauty pageant

A She was drop dead gorgeous

Q Did you see the skeleton that stole a motorcycle                            

A He was Bone to be wild

Q What do mummies like listening to on Halloween?                         

A Wrap Music

Q What are a ghost’s favorite rides at the fair?                                    

A The scary-go-round and rollerghoster!

Q Did you why the ghost didn't go to prom                                         

A Well he had no Body to go with

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That face you make when you realise that the music stations started playing Christmas music before Halloween was over.

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