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Candid Insights from Franklin High School Seniors on Navigating the College Application Journey

Areebah shares about seniors navigating the College Application Process.

Senior year is a difficult time for high school students as they hop on their college application process. The process is very long and includes many different things such as researching possible universities, creating application materials, as well as submitting the applications. With numerous decisions one has to make and many deadlines they have to meet, it's important to ask those who are also going on this path. I had the opportunity to speak with Sasha Estevez, a senior at Franklin High School to learn about the experiences she is going through and where she is currently in her college application journey.

Sasha Estevez ,who is a senior at Franklin High School, has been actively involved in the college application process. When questioned about her progression,Sashal talked about the significance of thorough research when it comes to selecting colleges. She mentioned that when picking a college you must look at the different factors which include,location,financial aid,educational programs,as well as the campus environment. Sasha recommended many students to investigate college websites,attend college tours, as well as speaking to many of the students who attend the colleges you are interested in.

Sasha called attention to the importance of starting early on your application. She spoke about the process of putting together her personal statement which included preparing her recommendation letters as well as arranging the extracurricular activities she had completed. Sasha talked about the importance of illustrating your unique experiences through your college essay.

Deadlines have an important role in the college application process, Sasha talks about how she is very stressed due to the fact that her college application is not completed. She wants to apply early action to Rutgers which ends November 1st. She advises everyone to not postpone their deadlines and advises other seniors to be organized and to create a deadline before the official deadline.

Sasha recognized the support as well as guidance that she received from the Franklin High School guidance counselors. She talked about the importance of meeting with her guidance counselor to talk about the different college choice, the application plan, and getting feedback from her college essay. She mentions that receiving help from the guidance counselor is essential because it can help you get a successful application process.

Having to balance your academics work with your college applications can be very challenging. Sasha talked about the need for time management and making sure your grades are up and not decreasing due to the application process. She highlighted the significance of being focused,getting help when you need it, as well as arranging a schedule so you are able to manage your time.

The process of applying to colleges involves rigorous preparation,commitment, as well as persistence. Sasha Estevez insights give a seniors at Franklin High School a helpful roadmap for their college application process.Students can improve their chances of a smooth college admissions process by completing a extensive study, organizing application documents in advance,managing their deadlines,getting advised by their counselors,and being able to focus on their academics when completing their application. Every student's path is unique, and the students who have come before can assist pave the road. Wishing everyone the best of luck!

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