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Rushing to Join: Club Rush 2023

Daenille reports on Franklin High School's Club Rush 2023

Franklin High School has just had its annual Club Rush on Thursday and Friday September 28-29th. It was held in the gymnasium and students attended it during their gym/health class. Students had the opportunity to learn about different clubs and whether or not they are interested in joining any.

The Club Rush had multiple clubs to offer all the way from the MedTech club to the Philosophy club, which is a new club that was established this year. This year actually sprouted the opportunity for many new clubs to be started such as the Philosophy Club as previously stated but also the National Science Honors Society just to name another. However with the beginning of these new clubs, there has been a recurring pattern with actually starting a new club at Franklin High School. According to the Philosophy Club president, 12th grader Deep Singh, “At first we couldn’t find an advisor, but luckily two days ago we found a teacher who was willing to do this for us.” The main problem students are facing is the issue of finding a club advisor who is both willing to advise the club and be available to work around the schedule, as also seen in the National Science Honors Society which also ran into the issue.

The 2023-2024 year Club Rush was a great success chartering many new applicants to existing clubs and new clubs. The clubs at Franklin High School have many great incentives to join if you want to have a great look at your transcripts for college such as the MedTech club which can also help students if they want to pursue the medical field in the future, or the Aviation Club if you wanted to be a possible engineer or pilot of course. Clubs are going to be holding events and trips, for instance, the Philosophy Club is planning a trip to NYU, and the National Science Honor Society is planning a trip to 6 Flags. The Franklin High School clubs are great opportunities for students to plan their future or just have fun.

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