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Tricking or Treating...Are You In or Out?

Lorraine explores social norms surrounding Trick or Treating.

Halloween is a time for people to express themselves and have fun. Having fun dressing up, going to parties, scare farms, fright fest and so much more. For years it’s been an American tradition to go trick or treating on Halloween night, but when is it time for the tradition to end. When is it too old to stop trick or treating? 

Lots of high school students still go trick or treating, but many of us are on the brink of adulthood. Trick or treating has been a childhood activity and sometimes people refuse to give out candy to older kids. When surveying around the school many students claimed that they’d rather stay inside with friends and have a good time. Others take trips to Six Flags for “Fright Fest”. “Trick or treating after middle school is lame” was one student’s opinion on the topic. However, many other students feel differently. “I don’t care how old I am, I want some free candy” one student replied when asked about the social age requirement for trick or treating. Students who do continue to trick or treat don’t care much for the social norms, they go by their own norms. 

There are also students who have younger siblings and take them trick or treating, so they said it made sense to get candy for themselves as well. If you can’t beat them, join them. Other students said they are still kids, so what’s the issue? 

Halloween is a holiday for everyone to enjoy the spooky fun, so celebrate it as you’d like. Trick or treat or not, Halloween is supposed to be a fun night with friends and an opportunity to dress up. 

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