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Murals and Mosaics: New Art Elective Offered at FHS

You may have noticed as you were taking your annual stroll down the hallway that our walls don’t look as bland as they once did before. Well, get used to the colorful ways Franklin High School is adapting to, these murals are here to stay! And even though they are still a work in progress, very soon we will see masterpieces will surround the halls of this school. Who can we thank for this idea? Our very own ceramics teacher - Ms. McNeil.

Eunice Hugo, a student from Ms. Mac’s period 6 class says, “She had told us that these murals would be a nice way for our school to not be so crusty.” In fact, we can thank the whole entire period 6 class for the murals we see. “She calls the class: Murals and Mosaics,” Eunice stated. Students like Eunice, who have completed advanced ceramics, can take ceramics as an independent study. Ms. Mac then had the wonderful idea to not let the creativity and talent be limited to one classroom. Since then, these students have been painting everyday- eager to get these done for the rest of our FHS Warriors to see.

What are these murals of? Eunice herself described her own mural that she has been working on, by stating, “It is called the ‘I am’ mural. It is supposed to be a positive reminder to people that they can walk down can be anything they make of themselves; that is a sort of super power that you hold.” Other murals have different messages, and some simply decorate this school - an action that students have been waiting for for a long time. So when you walk the halls again take a second to look at the beautiful art pieces Ms. Mac’s Murals and Mosaics Class created. If you want to get involved yourself, take a visit to the ceramics room, and see how you can help. Sometimes just taking the time to appreciate the effort and talent of the people around you is what makes an artist want to keep going.

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