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How increase of COVID cases are affecting schools today

Eliana contemplates whether we are moving backwards as FHS returns to Virtual Learning after winter break.


More and more schools are returning to home instruction all over the country due to the recent increase of COVID cases. Students are taking their last days of in person school before what they hope is going to be just a short break of live instruction. Sounds familiar right? We had these same feelings in mid March of 2020. Now, we know more about the virus so hopefully this won't last long. Here's how most schools are handling these changes and some opinions from students and teachers from our school:

One anonymous student says, “It’s been better than last year. I don’t know if that’s because my mentality of school has changed or not but I like it more and can focus a lot more than last year.”

Another states, “This year remote learning is different than last year. I enjoy the half days and learning from my comfort space. Being at home is also not very motivating because I can easily get distracted but it’s enjoyable. I also like how our teachers are having many resources available for us.”

Somerset County just hit 43,005 cases since last year at this time. Recently, cases have been going on an uphill climb since winter started. For now, we only have two weeks off of in person school. However, that’s exactly how long we thought this “live instruction break” was going to last March of 2020.

Do you think that remote learning will only last for two weeks, or are we taking steps back in time to 2020?

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